I Feel Rusty

I’m not sure why, but it seems to me that my fresh writing is a lot more raw than it used to be, say a year ago. I used to spend a lot more time learning the craft. I also used to spend a lot more time trying terribly hard to get into and then put up with critique groups. But I haven’t been doing that much lately, and so I think my craft has suffered.

Today I unearthed my copy of “From First Draft to Finished Novel.” I’m going to reread it, and all the other editing books I’ve collected through the years. I’m going to re-watch Write About Dragons. I’m going to re-read Rachel Aaron’s blog posts on writing more efficiently. And I’m going to post this for the world to see to make sure I feel pressured to actually follow through on these decisions.

Also, I’m going to not spend so much time on Twitter as I have the past few weeks. Because seriously, it’s been a bit much.


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