Balancing It All

I don’t know how common it is for writers who are hard-core plotters to be so disorganized at real life, but that’s how I am. While I plot, write, reorganize, and then plot my next move in a story, my desk fills up with odds and ends, dust piles up in the corners of my house, and laundry slowly gathers on the bathroom floor and behind the bed. I have some level of OCD, where this drives me nuts, combined with laziness that keeps me from fixing it.

Or is it laziness? Cleaning up takes time. Time is something I haven’t had enough of lately, between cultivating the nerdiness and intelligence of my children, going to school myself, working an evening job, spending time with my husband, spending enough time on the care of my bunny that I don’t end up killing it, and trying to get some consistent writing and reading done as well. It’s hard to balance it all.

That OCD I talked about? It’s just strong enough that whenever I start working on something I get really obsessed with that thing, to the exclusion of everything else. There are times I ignore my family and just write the whole day. There are times I drop everything else and spend hours planning lessons for my children. There are evenings I research and research and research for papers. Cleaning just seems…less important.

Finding some kind of balance is hard. Lately I’ve been better about reading and paying attention to my brilliant children, at the expense of paying attention to my husband and editing as much as I ought to.

Plus Twitter. Twitter makes things hard.

People think it’s weird I don’t have a Facebook account. The problem is, if I got on at all, I’d stay on for hours at a time. Twitter, at least, has such limited space for conversation that I get bored and get off. Facebook doesn’t have that limitation. Conversations can be as long as I want. And that’s dangerous.

You know what I should do? I should plot my life. I should write an outline for my days, where I say what all I want to accomplish and check things off as I go. That’s something I’m good at. I do it all the time in my stories.

How do you deal with balancing it all? How messy is your life?


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