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The Complete Guide to Being Evil

What can evil do for you today?

Youth, magic, and a luxurious Manhattan apartment, Kalara has it all. She’s a classic evoker–hurling fire, ice, and electricity is her specialty. As her father always said, the classics are important.

Meet Whitcomb, a powerful necromancer who doesn’t want anyone discovering he’s selling the souls of the dead who go through his funeral home. He tries to teleport Kalara into the Hudson to keep her from snooping around.

Kalara elicits the help of a devil who’s bad at being bad, and together they attempt to use evil to achieve their goals…

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Arcane Assassin

Work in progress.

 Gari’s not just a hired killer, he’s keeping people safe from dangerous magi. At least, that’s what it seems like at first. But he realizes over time that he’s being used to kill all magi who aren’t “useful” to his employers, and they eventually take it one step too far.

Gari saves a kid he was told to eliminate, and hides him in his basement. But he can’t just hide a kid in his basement forever, so he has to figure something else out. He decides to recruit his targets one by one until there’s enough of them together to go after those that would see them dead.

With a Book and a Dragon

Work in progress.

During Cossette’s quest to destroy the factory being built in town which will force her father out of business, a wizard curses her and her brother Thibault so they have to leave town and never come back.

The two siblings end up bonding with dragon hatchlings, getting kidnapped by barbarians, and eventually given sanctuary by a magical group of people. All along, Cosette struggles to somehow get in control of her situation, despite the crazy things that continue to happen to them. She searches for a way to break their curse, so she can go back home and give that wizard a piece of her mind.